Trust Litigation

When do you need a trust litigation attorney?

When disagreements occur during the distribution of assets from a trust, you may need a trust litigation attorney to help resolve the conflict. A trust is meant to be clear in its instructions, however, disagreements can arise when the trust is unclear or when there are other problems. Examples of problems leading to trust litigation are:

Below are some reasons that may qualify your case going into trust litigation:

    • Determining the validity of a trust.
    • Determining beneficiaries.
    • Regarding a trustee:
      • Instructing the trustee
      • Requesting information from the trustee
      • Granting powers to the trustee
      • Designating payment to the trustee.
      • Appointing or removing a trustee.
    • Breach of trust.
    • Modifying or terminating the trust.
    • Directing the combination or division of trusts.
    • Determining the liability of the trust for any debts of a deceased settlor.

You may need a trust litigation lawyer if any of these reasons apply to you:

    1. You are a trustee accused of misconduct or think a beneficiary has an unreasonable request.
    2. You are a beneficiary concerned about a trustee.
    3. You are a trustee and a beneficiary has asked for an accounting.
    4. A trustee declines to provide an accounting.
    5. A co-trustee is uncooperative.
    6. The trustee is not providing information.
    7. You are a trustee and have made a mistake.

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