Prices – Trust/Wills

We prefer keeping our costs and fees at a reasonable level.  You might be surprised at how reasonable the cost of preparing your documents can be.  Some attorneys may charge $2,500.00 to put together the same set of documents, but it doesn’t necessarily need to cost that much.

You may also find that some online sites quote you as low as $200.00, but with these boilerplate sites you do not have the advice of a seasoned attorney with 20 years experience, and trust us, you will have questions about your documents and the future needs of your estate no matter how small.

The price of preparing estate planning documents can vary, depending on your estate and number of beneficiaries. For a simple living trust, pour-over will, advanced healthcare directive, and power of attorney for asset management, the cost to you could be surprisingly reasonable, if your estate is comprised of a home, a few financial accounts, and a handful of beneficiaries who are going to inherit equally.

For larger estates, and for a more complicated beneficiary designation, the price could be somewhat higher.

We can work remotely and can handle drafting your Trusts and Wills over the phone and through email. You do not have to drive in to our office!

Call us today and we could have your estate-planning documents ready within 24 hours.