Anne Marie Healy, Esq.

Anne Marie Healy, Esq.

Graduating from Western State University in 1998 and passing the California State Bar Exam in 1999, Anne Marie Healy started her own law practice upon being licensed in 1999 and has successfully practiced law since then. Anne Marie initially performed project work for several law firms which gave her a wealth of experience in many areas of law, including trust litigation, probate law, family law, criminal law, personal injury, immigration, landlord-tenant, and bankruptcy law.  Over time, Anne Marie narrowed her focus to probate, trusts, family, and conservatorships.

As a judge pro tem from 2016 to 2019, Anne Marie handled small claims and mandatory settlement conferences, settling most of the cases she was assigned in the probate and family courts. As a result of her experience as a temporary judge, Anne Marie noticed that attorneys could become overly zealous in their approach to litigation, which can lead to an increase in attorney’s fees. Anne Marie’s goal is to educate her clients about the litigation process in the hope that they can focus on settling rather than litigating. However, she is confident that in the event that a case does not settle, she has the experience necessary to go to trial, having successfully represented clients at trial many times over the last 20 years.

Anne Marie Healy has also acted as an arbitrator through the Orange County Bar Association in attorney-client disputes from 2016 through 2019, settling billing disputes between attorneys and their clients.  This gave her a unique perspective on other attorneys’ billing practices, learning what types of billing practices are looked down upon by the State Bar of California. As a result, she believes that clients need to be kept up to date on a frequent basis so they understand where they are in the litigation or settlement process.

Anne Marie’s law practice is now dedicated to Estate Planning, Probate, and Conservatorships.